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Andrew Fels Productions is a top Los Angeles wedding videographer who also services Ventura. Wedding videographer Los Angeles, Andrew Fels Productions is one of the best Los Angeles wedding videographer companies and have come to the right place. We give you a video that you will want to watch more then once.

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Los Angeles Wedding Videographer, Wedding Videographer Los Angeles

Los Angeles Wedding Videographer – Andrew Fels Productions a New Style Wedding Videography Los Angeles and Ventura.

Andrew Fels Productions is a top Los Angeles wedding videographer who also services Ventura. New Style of Wedding videography Los Angeles, Andrew Fels Productions is one of the best Los Angeles wedding videographer companies with a new style of wedding videography. We give you a video that you will want to watch more then once. Furthermore, Andrew Fels Productions is making wedding videos fun and staying away from the boring, slow style that you see. Top Wedding Videographer Los Angeles company that also services Ventura County and the surrounding areas. We provide the highest quality wedding videography services at affordable prices.

Equipment We Use to Shoot our Videos

Here is another way we are considered one of the best Wedding Videographer Los Angelescompanies. We film your wedding or event in a true cinematic style. As a matter of fact, with our professional cameras, audio mics and lenses, we never need unnecessary equipment. Furthermore, this allows us to shoot without video lights and lets us capture your event the way it looks. It also eliminates the annoyance of blinding you and your guest which no one likes. After we film your event, we will then use the footage to create a fully edited video to watch.

Why Videography is so Important for your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. So get a video, you won’t want to forget one moment of it. Look for a wedding videographer like Andrew Fels Productions. Our Los Angeles Wedding Videographer team will ensure that the beauty, excitement and emotion is captured in its entirety. We can also help out at parties, celebrations, graduations, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs.

What to Look for in a Los Angeles Wedding Videographer

Wedding videographer Los Angeles and Ventura highlight videos and see why we are the videographers your looking for. When hiring a wedding videography company, look for the style and feel that you absolutely are in love with. Another thing to do is, ask the companies questions like, how many cameras do you bring to the ceremony? Do they use sliders or lots of equipment that is not needed? Do they use video lights? What kind of cameras are they using and do they have lenses that allow them to shoot without video lights.

Why Choose Andrew Fels Productions for your Wedding? A Top Wedding Videographer Los Angeles and Ventura

I have personally trained my Los Angeles wedding videographer teams to all shoot the same way and style so our videos will always look consistent and come out the way you see them on our video page. This is another fact that also makes us one of the best Los Angeles Wedding Videographer and event videographer companies. We always have two videographers at the event and three cameras are always used at the ceremony. We have two that are on tripods and the third is roaming around getting the more detailed shots. The best wireless mics are used to get the nice clear sound. Additionally, we record the audio on separate audio recorders and lip sync everything after.

We Don’t Use Unnecessary Equipment Like Other Videographer Companies to Look More Professional

We are one of the only Los Angeles wedding videographer companies that can capture your event without video lights. Yet, we are still able to get nice vivid colors in the darkest areas. You can watch samples on our videos with full night scenes. As a professional Ventura & Los Angeles videography company, my teams never use any unnecessary equipment like 5ft sliders, camera rigs, steady cams or anything else that will intrude or be disruptive. Every camera motion you see on our videos are all done by hand. This way, we get that great look without carrying and setting up large equipment around your event.

Choose The Right Los Angeles Wedding Videographer Company

Remember, even if the price is a little more, get the videographer and video you love. Don’t pay for the slightly cheaper wedding videographer just because of the price. You don’t want something you’ll only watch one or two times and then put it away for years. Furthermore, as one of the best Ventura & Los Angeles Videography companies is to have you love your video that you watch it over and over again. As a result, our clients have always said they can’t stop watching it. Top Wedding Videographer Los Angeles and Ventura. More About Us

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Our wedding was September 12,2015. Andy Fels did the most amazing job capturing the most important day of our life. It’s been about 4 months now since we got married and we watched our wedding video the other night. It brought back all the emotions of that day. I laughed so hard I cried and I cried happy tears as well. Watching everyone’s faces and the after hour dance moves he captured was so epic. I seriously want to watch our wedding video over and over again. Thank you Andy for capturing our very special day! You rocked it!
And thank you for going out of your way to make our wedding video just the way I wanted it.”

~Allie and Adam

“Andrew is simply the best out there and is a top wedding videographer. He captured the most precious moment of our wedding in a highlight video and the full-length video. The music he picked was absolutely perfect. He was able to match our special ceremony and dance songs in the video. We couldn’t be more happy with the final product!”

~Maddie and Rich Litton

Andrew was amazing! He has a unique style, which I loved. We were not planning on using a Videographer and I’m so glad we did. Andrew captured every meaningful aspect of the wedding. Furthermore the wedding was a complete blur so it was nice to see what Andrew captured. The quality was outstanding! Andrew is easy going and friendly. I highly recommend Andrew and his team to all brides.”

Thank you Andrew for being a part of our special day and your amazing work.

xoxo – Marisol

Andrew Fels Productions proudly serves the greater Los Angeles area including Los Angeles County, Ventura County and Orange County. Please call for more information. (818) 224-9760

Andrew Fels Productions

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